Hither, thither, and all that other stuff

I might be back. Or this might be a hodge-podge of crap with promises of more detailed posts later, which may or may not be empty promises.

About 2 weeks ago, I stopped at the mailbox before pulling into the driveway (as I do), and I noticed something in the neighbor’s driveway. A cat. One of our cats. Simon. The only one of our cats that the boy liked. He had been hit by a car, and the kids retrieved him and buried him though not before my daughter insisted on taking a picture to put on tumblr. :sigh: #parentingfail

3 days later, the hubby decided it was time to kick Spot out of the house, and she ran right into the backyard where the territorial dogs are that kill anything non-dog that gets in their space. She sat in a tree for 2 days, and finally the hubster got her down, and she’s back in the house.

Darci, our oldest dog and habitual escape artist, managed to dig out again, and I found her in the front yard as I let Evie out. I let the hubby know before I left for church, and thought no more of it until I got home. He said to me then, “Have you seen Mittens?” Now, this is kind of a dumb question (I’m thinking) because it’s always 1-5 days following an escape before we see her again. Then he said “Look out the window.” I see a mound of dirty white fur, and was crushed. But he followed my informing me that it was not Mittens, but a ‘possum.

Food & Exercise
I am pretty much back on track with the half marathon training. I did 5 miles weekend before last, 6 Saturday (6.24 specifically…), and that puts me on track for 7 this weekend catching me up to the schedule Karyn and I are following. She is smoking me, by the way. After the half I might work on speed. Might…

So, I had a week-long craving for a bacon cheeseburger last week. Wednesday, I wanted one bad enough to risk a glutening. Petra talked me off that cliff, and I sated that craving with chips & salsa. I know, the chips were bad (they were gluten, msg, & preservative free), but the salsa was YUMMY! So when a less persistent craving hit on Friday, I got some more salsa – chipotle garlic. Yeah, that made “medium” subjective because it BURNED us…and opened up our sinuses. When I went over to James at church that night, he was like “What did you eat?!?!” Karyn’s been eating salsa ever since. lol

Anyway, so Friday night, James made me a cheeseburger. I told him forget about the bacon. I didn’t have any gluten free buns, so I used lettuce instead. Very messy, but enabled me to eat it like a burger. Oh, it was yummy. James made stew Saturday that I wasn’t going to eat, but I had a little anyway, and it was way better with him spicing it than by using the McCormick seasoning (their beef stew seasoning is NOT gluten free – fyi). But yeah, then I got home from church yesterday and he had fried sausage. Now I don’t really even like sausage, but I ate 3 or 4 patties and it was GOOD! And I found a jar of salsa in the fridge… ;)

Needless to say, there was no weight loss this week poundwise. However, I think I am losing inches. My shirt isn’t so tight where the buttons tend to scream (Molly, you know what I’m talking about – lol), and my trousers seem a bit loose.

Wrap up
I am now sick of writing this post and can’t stand to have another post in my drafts queue.

Molly is vlogging every day in August. Check her out on YouTube. Seriously! Her vlogs while driving are seriously out.of.control.

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  1. Petra says:

    So, I knew most of that information, but you totally reminded me that I wanted to write a post or at least make a facebook status letting everyone know that “loose” and “lose” are not interchangeable. ;)

    • DragonLady says:

      Ok, and that is why I try to make it a point to read through before I publish to catch crap like that…which has disappeared now, btw… :whistle:

  2. out.of control.

    I was going to tape me doing car zumba….maybe not now :)
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