Maniacal Monday #11

1. So, I am injured. I’ll elaborate tomorrow.

2. I ran the Patriot 5K last Wednesday. That will be a separate post.

3. Lost .4 pounds over the past week as part of the Marathon Weight Loss Challenge. .4 pounds better than no pounds and certainly better than a gain. But, I’m about to transition to a different way of eating, which, again, will be a separate post. And I am down a trouser size. :)

4. My daughter cut her own hair Friday night, and cut it really short. She did a really good job, and it looks good on her.

5. I walked into the office Friday morning, and one of my co-workers had brought in 2 guitars…with the intent of making me play one of them. Yes, I did, and I was a nervous wreck. lol

6. I am so ready for a break from this heat!

7. FEMALE STUFF ALERT So that countup I was doing? 29 days. I had a 29 day period. The entire month of June minus the 3oth. That should be the entire cycle length not just one period. Why, yes. I am ready for a hysterectomy. ;) END FEMALE STUFF

8. I have 2 or 3 drafts from last week I need to finish. One in particular since Molly tagged me.

9. Need to do some work on my Google Reader and take out the stuff I’m not really reading.

10. Have a couple of plants that need planting. I just don’t seem to have the required motivation to actually do it.

I won’t apologize for this:

4 Responses to 'Maniacal Monday #11'

  1. 1 – waiting for the post
    2 – waiting for the post
    3 – waiting for the post, but excited about the no gain!
    4 – pictures please
    5 – you go girl
    6 – come to Alaska
    7 – schedule it!
    8 – still waiting ont his post
    9 – I hear ya there
    10 – I need to plant something so I can stop thinking about planting something

    You should apologize.
    Molly Ritterbeck recently posted..The Weekly Chase – My First Week!My Profile

    • DragonLady says:

      4. Easier said than done. She avoids cameras like the plague. ;)

      6. Well, if I had the vacation time & the $$$, I would visit. :)

      7. hahaha! Speaking of scheduling, I am due for a physical…

      8. I know. I’ve been slack. It’s sort of started…

      10. I really need to start working on a garden plot…

      I am still not apologizing. :rocker:

  2. I’m thinking #1 and #2… and maybe #7… are all related.

    And, honestly, if I had a 29-day period there would be a HUGE pile of dead bodies to show for it. You’re a saint.
    Katie B. of recently posted..Save Money With Natural Mosquito ControlMy Profile

    • DragonLady says:

      #1 and #2 are related, but #2 didn’t cause #1. Heh. #7 isn’t related to #1 or #2 but possibly #3. Or #42. ;)

      I’m no saint. I just don’t think I could pull off an insanity plea. LOL