“Workin’ 9 to 5….”

I remember how much Molly loves that song. I posted a live version of it on Facebook one Friday last summer, and she seemed very appreciative. LOL That evening I met her, Petra, Brittany, and Josh at church to work on decorating for VBS. She was even more appreciative of Petra and I singing 9 to 5 to her shortly after I walked in the door, and I think Josh and Britta were just as appreciative. haha

That was the beginning of a fun week, and that is saying something because I don’t use “fun” and “VBS” together. Molly had finagled me into doing music, much like Sarah had done the year before. Neither of them really had much of a fight to get me to do it because I would rather lead the music any day than be a floater or a teacher. I was so pumped because the music was really upbeat, and heavy on drums and I got to pick out a couple of songs that I just loved. I had a leader packet for the music & skits (because the hubbster was PandaMania Pete & therefore, the skit guy), and it really helped bunches in getting the hand motions down with the songs because it described what the motions were supposed to convey.

First night, Molly said to me at some point “You are killing me with Sing Sing Sing.” I totally did not understand, and would have forgotten about it had I not later made some awful statement about the prizes to Petra who also mentioned Sing Sing Sing…and visually explained what they had thought when they saw the hand motions. I just about DIED laughing.

It slipped by me because I head read the explanation in the leader packet and knew that the questionable hand motions were SUPPOSED to be that of a choir director. However, the actual motions themselves failed…badly. As you can see if you watched the VBS video.

The hubby helped with the leading and so that first night, I was kind of in the middle, hubby was to my left, and Molly was to my right. The second night, she had convinced Petra to get up there with us (because Petra has some dance moves – seriously – hahaha), and so the four of us lead with the hubby and I taking one side and Molly & Petra the other. By this point, Sing Sing Sing was a running joke, and I had stopped doing the motions exactly like the video. But then night 3 happened. We started Sing Sing Sing, and suddenly Molly and Petra are in front of me, FACING me, overaccentuating the moves in perfect coordination as if they had practiced that, and I just lost it. They were then dubbed my Solid Gold Dancers.

So, yeah, that was a fun week.

And I miss my Solid Gold Dancers…

4 Responses to '“Workin’ 9 to 5….”'

  1. Petra says:

    I played the first video to the end, and sang loudly for the boys. Jarvis left, and Justice might have cried. I did NOT click play on the second video!!!!!! lol

  2. Appreciative is not the word I would use – but I agree Britta and Josh were there with me in that feeling.

    I have tears from crying over dacing right in front of you to that gawd awful song!

    I also recall counting change on the floor with Jess and getting yelled at like little kids in junior high.

    I really enjoyed that VBS – I think it went well.

    I am proud to be your solid god dancer – but Petra is way better than me – remember the youtube video that was sent by provate link??

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    • DragonLady says:

      I forgot about counting the change! Actually, I think I had that part blocked.

      Yes, and remember that week I kept sending you all those funny (to me) videos like Pink Fluffy Unicorns? I know, I’ve sent that one multiple times, but anyway, I was all disappointed to discover Petra had removed that video because I was going to private message you that one again.

      Miss you and love you too!!!!