Run like the wind

But watch out for fog.

This video doesn’t really have anything to do with the post, but it got stuck in my head when I decided on that title. ;)

In an attempt to blog regularly, I am following Molly’s advice and doing themed days. This may even last past a week. hahaha I decided on Training Tuesday to be the day I blog about exercising and fitness. This is a new thing in my life because the only time I have ever been remotely fit was in high school when I went through spring training to play basketball (which got nixed completely at the beginning of the year thanks to a ruptured appendix right before school started), and when I was in basic training…in 1995. Wait, there was also late 2001 through mid-2002 (my last year in the Air Force) when I worked my tail off to lose 30 pounds because 1) I was NOT going to buy new uniforms right before I got out (stop lossed or not) and 2) I really didn’t want to be put on the fat girl program. I’ve probably mentioned that before.

Anyway, so last summer, Molly joined the newly formed Brick City Running Tribe, and would not let me say no to joining also. That right there is craziness…joining a running club in the summer in the south. But I did it, and shortly after that, Petra’s husband started leading a crossfit group that I got sucked into also. Those workouts resulted in my first ever exercise-induced vomit. But then it got cold, and Petra got too pregnant (but mainly too cold), so the crossfit quit happening. I am still amazed, though, that during one of those workouts I did 100 sit-ups. Anyway, with no crossfit, and now Molly has moved to Alaska, I am having to mostly motivate myself, though I do get a good amount of encouragement from Molly (remotely), Petra, and Karyn. And while I could blow them off, a few of my co-workers give me some encouragement, and one often comes in the office in the morning saying “Did you bring your stuff?” meaning he expects me to go run at lunch. Now that the weather has warmed up, I have no excuse.

I run with BCRT on Tuesday nights because I cannot do the Friday morning run. With the Ritterbecks and Josh & Trisha both moved away, I’ve been reliant on Jamie to be my main motivator on the BCRT run. The non-prego Cardens haven’t been coming either. I really miss Justice & Jarvis running past me 5 or 6 times. LOL I do still have a motivator there, and tonight she literally grabbed my hand and pulled me along to get me running again. See, my groove got blown right away because I ended up behind a perfume fog and couldn’t breathe. Seriously, if we are outside and I can taste it, you have too much on. Plus, who puts on that much perfume to run? It also gave me a headache. And you know, I really wrote all of the preceding stuff just to complain about the perfume. But, now that I know for certain who it is (and no, tonight wasn’t the first time I got fogged), I know who to steer clear of. Fortunately, I normally have to start my run early because I have to be at Bible study 30 min after the start of the run…and I’m not that fast…so, I’ll be able to avoid the fog anyway. :)

4 Responses to 'Run like the wind'

  1. MacBros says:

    I don’t run. But have been thinking about going for a walk every other day or so.
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  2. Petra says:

    You are doing so great! And the non-prego Cardens would probably do the running club, but between Andrew’s work schedule becoming crazy busy and me being too prego or cold… no one wants to bring the boys. :)