I quit!

I wonder just how many drafts I have. Two show up in the dashboard. Looking at the dates I can only imagine what the one draft was supposed to be about. But it remains to be seen if this post will get posted or go into the drafts bucket.

Anyway, so if anyone is still reading you are probably wondering what I am quitting. I quit my job several times a day, or at least I tell people “I quit” several times a day. I think everyone thinks I am bluffing. I guess the fact that I have yet to clean out my desk and leave when I say “I quit” gives them that idea. LOL But, no, this isn’t about quitting my job.

I have considered shutting down the blog, but I keep thinking I might actually find the time to sit down and write again. Plus, I know how the 2 or 3 readers I have left love posts like this. HAHAHAHAHA

Nope, what I quit was the Facebook games. Maybe one day I will write up a post on the complete reason why, but for now, suffice to say they are taking up too much of my time. I also went through my Google reader and culled a bunch of blogs and stuff I had subscribed too. Pretty much same reason as the FB games, except I kept a few old buddies in to read even though you can’t tell because I rarely go to the blogs and read the full posts (for those of you who publish partial feed), and certainly only comment once in a blue moon.

Anywho, so I said before vacation that I would pick it back up after vacation and I’ve been back well over a week, so it’s time. It’s a post, and even a post that says nothing keeps the old blog active. LOL

9 Responses to 'I quit!'

  1. MacBros says:

    I do the partial feed because them damn scrapers like to steal my stuff!

    I did what you did awhile back. I was WASTING a lot of what free time I had on them frigging addictive games. Games that really didn’t do anything at all really once you think about it. Their all repetitive and linear, but with no real goal.

    I have to admit, you almost had me. I thought you were closing the blog down. I was going to try and convince you not to because once the colder weather comes around you’ll probably want to have it then when you’re stuck indoors with the hubby and kids. :P

    You don’t have to post a lot, just keep us updated with the highlights!

    I know we’re on FB, but not everybody is. Like Mel and Diane for example. Or ARE THEY? and just haven’t added me.. Hmmmm. Now I’m paranoid! :nervous2:

    • DragonLady says:

      Oh, I am with you about the scrapers. That’s why I only do a partial feed, which as I recall, I got that idea from you. LOL

      I realized it was a problem when I spent an entire evening after work harvesting virtual crops and trying to get that final ribeye for that one quest.

      I haven’t seen Mel or Diane on FB, but I haven’t really looked for them either.

  2. I hate to admit this but I have more than 425 drafts in various states of completion. Some need link checking, some need to be shortened, some need photos, some need to be thrown away. I wish I only had two drafts on my dashboard. Then I could flip a coin to decide which one to publish.

  3. mel says:

    Well if you REALLY HAVE quit the FB games (suspicious) maybe you’ll blog more.