Housekeeping begins

Beginning with the blogrolls. Wow. I went through my blogroll today to remove non-existing and non-updated for a year or more blogs from the roll. There was quite a bit of fond remembrance mixed in with several who/what was that for, and a couple of why was that blog on my roll moments. LOL Now I have some adding to do. For instance, Mel has had 2 blogs since I last updated the blogroll. But I have a few blogs to add.

I also have some general site cleanup to do, and I plan on bringing over some of the old posts from the archived site and then shutting it down completely.

And I plan to start blogging over at The Daily Brief again.

6 Responses to 'Housekeeping begins'

  1. MacBros says:

    Lot of dead blogs out there now aren’t there?

    I did the same as you and was surprised how many were either gone or haven been updated in over a year.

  2. teeni says:

    I guess I should be doing some housecleaning at my place too. It scares me the thought of the dust bunnies I may find! :eek:

  3. mel says:

    annnd, she’s back, ladies and gentlemen!