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Taking the plunge…again

After I got home last night – and ate because I was hangry – Chad came out on the porch to talk with me. It was a nice talk even though I had to tell him “No, we can’t afford that,” to which he didn’t whine or beg, but just accepted with an “Okay.” I think we might both be growing up. haha :) So anyway, I said, “Oh, hey, did I tell you I am getting rebaptized Sunday?” His response was great. “Did your first one expire?” The delivery made it funny. And I gave him a serious answer.

I was originally baptized when I was 14, and it was a valid believer’s baptism by immersion. So why do it again? I mean, really, I’ve never thought I needed another one. Truth be told, I still don’t think I need another one because my original was valid. However, when I did my 3rd step prayer, it amounted to a complete rededication. So partially because of that and partially because I have a much better understanding of the significance of baptism, it’s more to me of a complete ownership of my faith as mine rather than somewhat of my parent’s faith as it was when I was a kid.

So Sunday afternoon after the 1pm service at newhopeSanford, I’m taking the plunge…again.

Living the dream

One line. At :28. By Blair. :)

So there I was right, on my way to the dentist to get my permanent crown when I had a thought. The thought was 2 years in the making, but I was finally going to go through with it. Probably. To ensure I would, I texted Petra to see if she had anything going on. See, it also wasn’t something I was going to do solo. haha. She didn’t so I told her what I was planning, and she was all like “I gotta see this!”

I decided to get my nose pierced.

I’m pretty sure we had discussed it before, but it seemed to genuinely shock her. But, she was going to base her decision on my experience.

With his finger all up in my nose. :)

With his finger all up in my nose. :)

What is up with that spare tire I am carrying around?

What is up with that spare tire I am carrying around?

Oh. My. Word. At least he warned me about what to expect. The actual piercing didn’t really hurt that bad. It was getting the ring in that was the issue. You know, because I’m not going to be normal. I have really thick cartilage. So it took some work to get the ring in. Then Petra says, “You have blood on your boob.” Wait. What? When he got the bleeding pretty much stopped and I looked down, I was all like “Holy crap!” It wasn’t just on my boob. It was all down my shirt. I said I was going to wear it to rehearsal like a badge of honor, but I didn’t. I changed.


We both wished she had gotten a shot when the needle was sticking through. And it was a HUGE needle. I commented that it was like blood donation needle. Because it was. Petra now refuses to get her nose pierced. I called her a puss. I mean really. She’s had 7 kids. What’s a big needle through the nose? ;) She’s getting tattoos first though. If she has no reaction to the ink, then I will feel it’s safe(ish) to get one. And maybe by then I will figure out what I want. Besides the mushroom cloud tramp stamp, that is. ;)

This is hilarious!

H/T to Stephen Altrogge.

The sound of silence

I had a migraine for 6 days. Day 4 I finally took something which took care of it until late in day 5. I took something for it again day 6 which left me just as useless as I was with the headache, but I slept a lot. I still want to sleep a lot. It is probably mostly the migraine hangover. It just stands to reason that having a migraine for that long is going to produce a longer than one-day hangover. And yes, a migraine hangover is a lot like a drunk hangover except for the lack of headache and dehydration and nausea.

Anyway, I DNRed a race Saturday morning, and I called in sick to church Sunday. I also had an episode in Walmart Saturday afternoon where I first got dizzy and thought I would pass out resulting in Jamie asking me to please not die in the underwear section. Then my digestive system decided it needed to purge. #everybodypoops I made it home to explode though as I did not want to spend that amount of time blowing up Walmart’s bathroom. Thankfully when we made it home, the kids brought in all the groceries while I went to have some quality alone time on the throne. Of course, I had to put all the groceries away when I completed downloading, and I absolutely did not have the energy to do so. Nor did I have the energy to cook. But I did. And then crashed.

One again I have reached that point where I started a post days ago with a plan in mind where to go with it, but I have no idea what that was. So this will just go where it goes and will likely have nothing at all to do with the title.

I’ve taken a semi-break from social media over the past few days. Naturally when I go to take a break people tag me on Facebook. lol. It’s been ok though because one of my cousins posted a photo of her grandma/my aunt last night that triggered such good memories of Aunt Iris and her store. Not just for me as several folks commented about their memories of her sitting out front and waving at people that drove by. I had forgotten all about that. Probably because we rarely just drove by the store because Daddy went by there 2 or 3 times a week and I think did some banking for her since we always stopped by on the way to town for the weekly laundry/banking/grocery trips. As I commented, I can still feel her wood floor on my bare feet. Because that was the only store I was ever allowed in barefoot. And no, I didn’t like wearing shoes when I was a kid. #hillbilly

But anyway, I’ve taken some time to read and go to meetings and think about making phone calls. The phone calls are inevitable. :sigh: I feel better mentally than I have in several days. I went to an Al-Anon meeting last night with a different group than my home group. Since the hubby and I joined a small group at church that meets on one of my Al-Anon meeting nights, I need to replace that meeting even though that’s my favorite one of the week. Sitting in a different group, I got to hear different perspectives than my home group. That was a good thing! Not that I am going to switch home groups.

I went to the dentist yesterday for my 6 month cleaning. They always ask me first thing if I’ve been having any problems. Normally I don’t, but I’ve had an issue going on for a while that I’ve been trying to self treat to no avail. So I told the tech about it, and she did an xray. After the cleaning, the dentist came in and looked at the xray and confirmed what I thought. It’s an abscess. That’s the tooth that I broke on a Skittle when I was active duty (the last time I ate Skittles, btw), and also my second root canal due to an abscess a couple of years after that. I now am taking a round of antibiotics, and have a referral to an endodontist to treat that bad boy. Again. :sigh: Also, it has not hurt at all until she told me that it really was an abscess. It hurts now. WTH? :-/

All that said, I’m tired. And I’m tired of being tired. I’m also getting tired of “Mommy can we go _____” and “Mommy can you get ______” and “Mommy when are we going to _____”. Therefore, I’m going to have to have a little sit down with the kids and explain (again) how many hours I am gone working, and try to explain recovery to them. Also budget and debt. Again.

Funday Friday #29

This is going to be my last “Funday Friday” post. Probably. ;) I’ve decided I am going to stop the whole attempt at theme day blogging and go back to how I was just writing what I wanted to write when I wanted to write. And if that means 2 months between posts, well, someone should tell me to blog something after about a week. I’m looking at you Molly. :)

It is so freaking cold outside!!! And I know Molly doesn’t want to hear about the cold here. Sorry Molz. ;)

I’ve been carbing up all week for tomorrow’s 15k. At least that is my excuse for all the tater tots I have consumed.

Amber earned her keep this morning.


And she told Tiger (and everyone else) through a steady stream of growling that it was her mouse.

Have a great weekend, and I just might blog over the weekend. But don’t hold your breath. ;)

Funday Friday #28

Another Christmas has come and gone. It started out pretty bad between me and Chad. He had a fit, I got my feelings hurt, I cried and fixed his new computer vowing never to buy him a new computer ever. But, he came and apologized, I hugged him, and all is well again. Well, at least until yesterday when I tried to download Windows 8.1 Pro. ;) But with a new computer now in his room, he only comes out to feed. Just like Jamie. Her new computer. Ugh. I don’t understand how they can have the same models, same specs, same filters, and yet hers keeps blocking what I specifically unblocked. First world problems. ;)

Speaking of first world problems, I thought that again Christmas night as I attempted to put away the leftovers. I had more food than fridge space. And I ate so much that I thought I would bust, and looked about 7 months pregnant. I made a ham, dressing, gravy (from bacon grease), Granny’s fresh apple cake, and Aunt Betty Jewel’s easy fruit (blackberry) cobbler. I made James make the mashed potatoes because after peeling and coring apples, I had no desire to peel potatoes. The ham and potatoes turned out perfectly. Actually, so did the cobbler. I wasn’t sure about it because the recipe calls specifically for self-rising flour, and my gluten free all purpose flour is definitely not. More on it later. Anyway, I added about a teaspoon of baking powder, and it turned out just right. The dressing, though. I had some leftover cornbread, but needed another small pan. So, I made a pan of cornbread from scratch since I was out of cornbread mix. And this was where I forgot I needed to add baking powder. That pan of cornbread ended up about 5/8 in thick because all purpose flour – baking powder = no rise. :sigh: So parts of the dressing are a little dense. ;) The gravy ended up all lumpy. Pretty sure that was because I had too much flour for the amount of grease. And the cake fell in the middle, and nearly burned around the edges, and while it did get done, it was so moist that it just falls apart. And I forgot the rolls which are STILL in the freezer being eaten right now by me with leftover ham. All that said, everything tasted fantastic!

With Chad all the way back in his room, we have embarked upon cleaning up the mess he made all over and around the downstairs PC & desk. I’m pretty sure I swept up and entire bag of goldfish. But I also found almost all of our missing forks. There was so much nasty. Sticky nasty. Soda can tabs all over the floor, and I think there were more of those tabs than there were goldfish. I’m also looking over at the coffee table and thinking that needs another clean off. :sigh:

I really need to pick up some things today, but the thought of going anywhere is so unappealing. The fact that we are low on coffee is even more unappealing though. And I have 3 free drinks from Starbucks that I need to redeem. Because free. ;)

Found my “missing” arch supports…in my Docs…which I also found. Haven’t found my missing boots yet, but I do need to clean the litter off of one pair that’s been on the front porch for 2 or 3 weeks. It is also time to break down and buy a new purse. :sigh:

My new favorite coffee mugs that benefit The Forsaken Children. I got one for Ethiopia and one for Senegal since I have friends serving in both countries.

Last night’s sunset. I was playing with the settings on my iPhone, and the one without any filtering turned out best.

I waste so much time watching the videos on this YouTube channel.

Funday Friday #27

So there I was, minding my own business (for once – lol) at work, and a spider ran out from under my keyboard at me. I totally lost myself, and no longer have any rep left for being tough. The whole office said that was the fastest they have ever seen me move. At least I didn’t scream. ;)

I managed to keep my birthday a secret at work until I was walking out the door at the end of the day. I did tell one person that morning, and he kept it himself as he had promised. I have to thank Facebook for living up to Failbook yesterday so that I was just finishing up dinner before my cousin Sharon could wish me happy birthday. I knew she wouldn’t forget.

The graveyard_dead group on Instagram featured my photo of Uncle Hoover’s headstone this week.

James and I went to Shucker’s for my birthday dinner last night, so here are pics of the sunset and dinner.

This is really all I have unless I resort to complaining about my neck/shoulder/back pain. So here’s some Christmasy Judy Garland.

Funday Friday #26

This has been an interesting week. Pretty sure I could have slept 24×7 all week. I’ve also been in a pretty cynical mood overall. And in pain. There might be a correlation.

I got my new running shoes!!

I couldn’t wait and put those bad boys on while still in my work clothes and did a sprint down the driveway and back. Thought I would die! Walked back in the house gasping, and James was like “What’s wrong?” Because he didn’t notice I had the new shoes on and thought that something was after me while he sat there engrossed with whatever he was watching on TV.

I started soaking in epsom salt this week because 1) to help get some magnesium intake without actually taking it and 2) I just like soaking in a tub of really warm water, especially around that time of the month. Only thing missing was wine to accompany the tub soak. Anywho, I had kind of a belly ache Wednesday. I thought nothing out of it since, like I said, that time of the month. Plus, I have been glutened multiple times over the last couple of weeks, and that always results in some significant intestinal cramping. So after trying out my new running shoes, I went upstairs and started running the bath. Put the epsom salt in, and got undressed. Before I got in the tub, or even to the tub, I decided that some gas needed to go. And that’s when I learned that when you have had some significant belly cramping never trust a fart. Oh.My.Word. Last time I had an incident like that I was 9 years old and KNEW I had diarrhea, and just couldn’t get to a bathroom in time. #everybodypoops

Speaking of running, I am running the Reindeer Run 12k tomorrow morning. Running may include walking or crawling so I can finish and get the finisher’s medal. ;) 70% chance of rain. :(

I pulled out my old band jacket today and wore it to work showing my support for my old alma mater playing for state championship. It caused some laughing with “I can’t believe you still have that!” Like they don’t know I’m a hoarder. lol. Had it occurred to me, I would be wearing my class ring too. ;) I saw on Facebook that the championship game has been postponed from tomorrow until the 14th because of bad weather. And on that note, Carrie won the snow game yesterday which I called one of the AR cousins winning even though Jill is in the lead for wins so far this year. I am sure to lose all the time now since it will take a nor’easter for me to beat Jill now. :)

Chad put the tree up yesterday. Just the tree. It’s a little crooked and the lights are plugged in the wrong order, but it’s out of the box. I might actually put some more stuff on it now. I guess at some point I need to find out what was done with the outside lights and put those back up. I really dislike putting those up, but I really love looking at them.

This is pretty stinking funny.

Funday Friday #25

I don’t have much today. The kids keep reminding me it is payday and we need food even though the fridge is full of Thanksgiving leftovers. I may or may not have dropped the dressing on the floor last night when I went to put it away, and then may or may not have just put it back in the dish and into the fridge. Stop judging me. I’ll be the only one to eat it anyway.

We had Thanksgiving dinner with Lee & Rachel and their family. I have hilarious video, but Faith asked me not to upload it. lol Hope was so excited and kept running back and forth between James and I. So much cuteness. I ate too much, and drank too much, and was therefore up at 2am guzzling water with the kids wondering what the heck I was doing up. They devoured what was left of the apple cake, and so there are just some crumbs left in the pan that I may have to go eat now that I have finally finished my coffee.

Was introduced to this yesterday.

Funday Friday #24

I got nothin’ today. Except a headache. And winks. I don’t know where I picked up that winking thing, and I don’t do it all the time. At least I don’t think I do. But when I catch myself doing it, I’m like “What the heck?” I caught myself winking at one of the baristas this morning.

Whenever I grumble about my job or how far away it is, I am reminded of the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets I get to see going to and from work.

Also, I work with a great team, and there really isn’t a whole lot of drama.

I gave Jamie the wrong Algebra test Monday. She told me it couldn’t be right because there was no graphing. Apparently I gave her an Algebra I test instead of Algebra II. And her English. Ugh. She brought it to me one day and asked me to explain it to her. I couldn’t. In fact, I had to tell her that I don’t think I was ever taught that because out of all those terms for different nouns, I remembered “gerund.” I haven’t heard of gerunds since 8th grade and I didn’t understand it then. Plus, I don’t remember doing any grammar stuff past 9th grade. I remember a bunch of reading books and writing papers and essays. I am sure anyone reading my blog posts can tell honey badger don’t care about grammar. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I think it was yesterday morning that James informed me that KitKat had fallen on him 4 times during the night. She is back on the ledge. Dumb cat. Amber and Sushi took over my desk the other night.

The fact that they were both on the desk let me know they have come to some sort of truce. Now the only drive by hissings occur from and toward KitKat.

And that’s it. I have a 5k in the morning, and decorating/cleanup at church after that. Pretty sure I’m gonna watch Dr Who for the first time tonight as I think it will be the one with all the doctors.

Also I proofread none of this as I go to hit publish…

Funday Friday #23

I had a small breakthrough this week. I found one of my pairs of arch supports, and started wearing them Wednesday. I had no lower back pain yesterday after I put my shoes on, and have had none at all today. Now maybe I will be motivated to go find the other pair or 2 I own. Along with that one pair of boots I can’t seem to find.

Speaking of Wednesday. The hubster went to court again Wednesday morning, and has yet another continuance. :sigh: But, this time his lawyer was not feeling well, and James said he looked really bad up close, so probably a good thing. But there was a good photo op in the parking lot. James spotted it, and we both found it funny.

Yes, it is juvenile. Whatevs. ;)

I’m about to make some dietary changes…again. Breakfast will not be the same. On the other hand, I should really pick up the phone and make an appointment with Dr Garlick to get some testing done.

For your daily TMI, you get another little work story. I came back from the bathroom this morning and said to the other female in the office, “That was round one. Consider that a warning.” A few minutes later, she gets up, and then comes back and says, “Martha!” To which I responded, “What? I warned you.” Apparently she didn’t wait long enough. And she knew I had chili last night. lol

Evie won’t bite anybody or anything. Except Jamie.

I think instead of running a 5k in the morning, I will run “the loop” which is 3.4 miles. Because I haven’t run it in a while. And I need to get in some hills before next weekend’s 5k.

I need a haircut.

KitKat has stopped sleeping on the ledge and falling off. She is napping in my office again. Amber acts like she thinks KitKat is a male and seems to be trying to seduce her. SMH. Tiger might have hit it the other day. :-/ But last night Tiger just smelled her and then ran off. KitKat is the only one that’s been fixed. The rest of them need fixing. I will gladly let someone pay for that. ;)

I guess this is all I got. The following was in the recommended videos when I got the link for Jamie and Evie, and I found it hilarious. :)