Random Randomness

1. I am running my first half marathon Sunday with veteran marathoner Karyn. We drove the route last Sunday afternoon. The first 6 miles are going to suck.

2. I have run 340.76 miles this year…so far. Petra asked me last Friday night if I was running Saturday, and I said, “Yeah, but it’s only 6 miles.” Then I realized what I just said and followed up with “I can’t believe those words just came out of my mouth.”

3. Part of the conversation with Petra was about how crappy we’ve been eating lately and how crappy we feel because of our diets. So, starting Monday, I’m going to attempt to go vegan again. And because of me she can no longer eat hotdogs. lol

4. I am so ready for the election to be over with. I am so sick of the ads. Every year I get more and more sick of them. You know, with all the millions (or is it billions) that were spent on advertising, a lot of the poor could be fed – by each side.

5. I still don’t know how many kittens Spot had, but they are under the non-functional wet bar. Technically, I could just pull up the sink (since it isn’t fastened down) and count. But that area is like another closet where we just stuff things quickly to get it out of the way instead of putting it away (or throwing it away), so it would turn into a place to clean.

6. Have watched part of 2 episodes of Survivor this season for the first time…ever. I swore never to watch that show because in general I cannot stand “reality” shows. But, Blair…lol

7. Tuesday was our 19 year anniversary. 19 years. Wow. Where has the time gone?

8. The hubster took the kids trick or treating last night. I did not get a single picture. :( I did, however, pay a large price for clothing items for their costumes. :-/

9. So I was booking it at the end of my run last night and thinking how great it felt and wishing I could feel like that for the first 2 miles, and then I realized that that was only the 3rd lap. I still had one more to go, and it was getting dark quick. Suffice to say, I maintained or maybe exceeded that pace for the remaining lap and a half (by lap, I am talking 1 circle around campus which is .94 miles) because it was dark and I was scared that werewolves were going to come out of the woods and eat me. Ok, I wasn’t really afraid of werewolves, but anybody could have stepped out of the woods and I’d have been done. Fear is a great motivator for speed. ;)

10. The hubster has a done a FANTASTIC job of cleaning up around the house since he’s been back. Aside from the upstairs rooms, I am no longer embarrassed to have someone come over to the house.

2 Responses to 'Random Randomness'

  1. Petra says:

    1. So excited for you!! You have worked sooo hard!!
    2. Lol! Yeah, that was pretty hilarious. ;)
    3. Three days of indulgences left!! I still need to make chili!
    4. I was saying this yesterday!! The amount spent on campaigning sickens me!
    5. I don’t want any. Thanks though. ;)
    6. I’m breaking my no-reality rule too. But not for Survivor… :)
    7. Happ Anniversary. Again. :)
    8. What’d they dress up as?
    9. I’m afraid of werewolves. Well, I probably would be if I saw one. I know I’d run.
    10. Send him over here next. lol

    • DragonLady says:

      3. You still haven’t made that chili?!?! James made McCormick chili last night. I passed, but then I had already eaten. lol I would have passed anyway.
      5. Are you sure? lol Jamie wants them all, but Carlye has asked for a boy for a barn cat, so there will be one Jamie doesn’t get. As long as one is a boy…
      6. Admittedly, I do like Ice Road Truckers and the one like it where the truckers drive the most dangerous trucking routes in the world.
      7. Thank you. Again. :)
      8. Chad was a character from Yu-Gi-Oh, I think? Jamie went with and Adventure Time theme.