Eye of the Tiger, baby

Yes. 3 posts in one day.

That’s how I felt when I finished the run tonight. Ok, that’s a lie. I felt like I was going to die because that last hill about killed me, and I barely managed to keep running up it. But I did, and after nearly a year, I have finally managed to run a complete 3 mile Tribe run.

Just because:

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  1. You know, I always thought Rocky most likely felt the same way. Which might explain why he went nuts at the end.

    Congrats on the run, it’s always a great feeling when you’ve managed to complete a goal. :rocker:

    • DragonLady says:

      Yeah, no way he could sprint like that to the steps and then run up them like he wasn’t even tired and not be about to die. 😉

      Thanks, it’s been a long time coming, and I have to say, there were several times I wanted to quit. There were also several times I wanted to vomit. lol

      • It’s called a second or even third wind. I get them…

        You think you’re wiped out but pull out the reserves and force yourself to keep going at a similar speed. That happened a lot when I used to run with my dad. He trained me well. We’d usually run until failure, and then run some more. 😉

        Some trained athletes feel the same way. But a few of them just look awesome while doing it. I have a few friends that compete in sports; running, biking, bodybuilding. On the occasions we work out together, we force each other to keep going, even if we feel like we’re going to die.

        These days, thinking I’m going to die, mainly happens with one of my intense running routines, or squeezing out additional weights after hitting muscle failure. But from an observer, it looks like I’m fine. 😉

        Not saying that is the case in the movie, but it is a possibility. 😉

        • DragonLady says:

          True. And I probably could have pulled out a sprint if I had too, and even did that the second time crossing Spring Lane. But I figure Stallone did multiple takes in the movie. 🙂

  2. I AM SO PROUD! I wish I could be there with you instead of in the downpour rain that is up here….

  3. Petra says:

    At least Abba is out of my head now……