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15 Random Facts

Because it beats an empty page when I am determined to post something. Petra suggested it.

1. Because this has come up several times in the past month, I hate chocolate and mint together. No, it is not any better in coffee either.

2. I can eat Miracle Whip straight out of the jar. I’m not saying that I ever have, I’m just saying I like it that much.

3. I don’t like black pepper.

4. I would rather listen to hip hop than Dixieland jazz, and I’m not really a big fan of hip hop.

5. I cannot creep Facebook wall conversations without giving it away that I am creeping. Haha

6. Almost turned this into a confessional post. LOL

7. I have no tattoos. I do, however, have a scarred up left hand because I am clumsy with knives. I actually have a kind of funny story about the last time I had to get stitches, but for the most part, you had to be there.

8. I weighed 131 pounds when I left for basic training. I’m 5’10”. I was a stick.

9. Had some serious puppet skills as a teen.

10. Hallucinated twice during dental visits as a kid. Ah, fun times.

11. Has neither read the books nor watched the movies of the Twilight series nor do I have any desire to.

12. Has a weakness for Shakespeare’s sonnets. Hmm, ok, that’s kind of confessional.

13. Could only watch Blackhawk Down once.

14. Sometimes mixes writing styles in the middle of a post and refuses to adjust for consistency.

15. Can’t listen to The Nutcracker Suite without the urge to imitate the orchestra’s conductor…particularly around my children.

And I am every bit as boring as I thought when I am not being confessional. LOL

And I haven’t spell/grammar or otherwise proofed this.

Just before bed update: 16. I HATE talking on the telephone.

Yes I know now the title doesn’t match, but I meant to include that one about the phone and got distracted and forgot until I was driving home. haha

Pajama randomness

1. What’s wrong with this picture?

Ok, that’s not really the right question exactly as the picture itself has nothing wrong with it other than the odd position I had to get into to attempt a straight-on photo that captured both door frames from top to bottom, and yes, I know I failed to get the very bottom, but whatever. So, anyway, if you haven’t noticed, check the dimensions. (That’s the numbers next to/in between the solid black lines.) Just as a side note, I seem to not be able to use Fireworks to do CAD. I know much of the non-squareness of this house has to do with its age and natural settling. Somehow I find it hard to believe that the differences in dimensions of those 2 doors – namely the distance between the facings at top and bottom – are from natural settling. All of that because the hubby suggested I build another bookcase between those 2 doors.

2. I ate toast today. First bread I’ve had in nearly 3 weeks. It was wonderful.

3. I cannot eat salad every day. Vegetables, yes. Salad, no.

4. I find it increasingly difficult to deal with people that I perceive are as full of themselves as I am of myself. Was that a dual confession?

5. I also find it increasingly difficult to deal with my teenage children’s infatuation with My Little Pony.

6. Am devastated when I find myself bitter over having to confess and repent of my sins that I ask God to reveal to me.

7. Ate a fried Spam sandwich about a month ago (pre-diet) to see if I still hated Spam, and thought it was good. That is unsettling as I imagine there are more “mystery parts” in Spam than hot dogs.

8. Needs to clean the bathroom. It’s nasty. So why don’t I want to?

9. What’s the deal with “pajama” in the title of the post? It’s 2:30 pm, and I am still in my pajamas, and might not change out of them all day.

10. Wants to sound-proof my office.

Oh yeah, about my thyroid…

It’s fine. In fact, it is better than it was when I was in the Air Force.

And another thing I have noticed on this diet: I am not getting as hungry as I used to. Noticed that today. Normally, by the time church is over, I am starving to the point I can’t really get away quick enough so I can go eat. Not so today. Granted, now that I have started eating, I want to eat more, but not in a eat-everything-in-sight kind of way.

Yay! :party2:

And now there is progress

Today is day 13 of my “radical” diet. Day 4, I wanted to die. Yesterday, all of my self-control was tested when I had to go buy a new can opener because the one I brought to work wouldn’t even poke a hole in the lid of the can of tuna I planned to eat. To get to Walmart, I had to drive past a LOT of fast food, and I wanted a burger BAD! First thing I smelled when I got out of the car at Walmart was fried food from the deli. I want to add that I also did not find plain tuna at all appealing. It needed either Miracle Whip or the sleeve of Ritz crackers I found in my desk that I gave to the guy next to me in the office with the instruction “Get these away from me!” Of course, he ate them in front of me later on.

So how is it going? I have lost 5 pounds so far. I lost 4 pounds the first 2 days, and (TMI ALERT) I’m pretty sure I lost that in poop. Yeah, and I’ve been pooping like 2-3 times a day which is VERY unusual. Either a) I wasn’t getting enough fiber, b) something was stopping me up, or c) both a & b. So after the 4 pound loss, I gained back a pound, but dropped back 2. Yeah, I know, “Don’t weigh every day.” Whatever. I want to know the exact day I drop below 200. I’ll celebrate with a bacon cheeseburger. hahaha Kidding.

I have noticed this week, that I’m not having the extreme mood swings, as if I have leveled off. Now, that might not be because of the diet. High stress events are always followed by panic attacks, and then depression before I level out. But, either way, I haven’t broken down into a sobbing mess all week. I did get snippy with the other music leaders last Sunday morning in practice, and then turned right around and did what I snipped at them for myself…live…opening song. Ok, that’s getting off topic.

I have to say. I am so sick of eating salad at lunch I could scream. I made a stirfry the other night from stuff I just threw together. It smelled sooooo good while it was cooking, and tasted sooooo good that night. I was so happy to have the leftovers for lunch the next day, and, yeah, it sucked warmed over. I steamed some turnip greens and kale, and they smelled awesome while cooking, and tasted ok, but really needed cornbread. lol Why does everything taste better with cornbread?