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Let’s make a deal

So we are sitting around at the picnic yesterday, and the pastor came over and sat down beside me and I knew what was coming:

Pastor: Do you want to have practice this afternoon/evening?
Me: Do you want the honest answer or the dedicated answer?

He asked for honest, and so I said “No,” but I would have if he’d insisted. lol Anyway, so he and I were scheduled for a duet today, but I still wasn’t comfortable with the song, and no amount of practice yesterday would have changed that. So we opted to postpone our duet, but as kind of a trade off, he asked if James and I would sing together, and James said “Sure,” before he realized that he’d be singing this morning. HAHAHA But James didn’t back out, and so we had to come up with a song that we both knew and both could sing, and that I could play.

He nixed the song I wanted to do because he didn’t know it. I nixed a bunch because I couldn’t sing lead without a key change that made him unable to sing. But finally we found one we both knew that was in a singable key for each of us. So at the request of a couple of Facebook friends, here goes:

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