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I was gonna take a nap, but…

We had a potluck after morning service, and then a short service after lunch where we went through the book of Ruth. Anyway, I was sure before I ate that once I stuffed myself with all that good food that I would need a nap immediately, but surprisingly, I was good and awake for the Ruth service.

Then I got home.

I wanted to read, but felt the strong pull of the nap and decided I was about to have a nap. But I was thirsty, so I went downstairs to get some water. Once down there, I remembered that Jamie told me Thursday when she finished off the jug of tea, we needed another jug made. Ok, no big deal. 15 min and then my nap. So while the water was heating, I went down to the family room and started working on the jerry-rig fix of plywood over the now 4 broken out panes in the picture window. So between working on that while fixing the tea, by the time they were both done (about a half hour), I was no longer sleepy.

So I finished a book I’ve been reading all week instead, and nearly fell out during the last chapter. hahaha

Point of this story? I ADHD’ed myself out of a nap.

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