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Oh, Happy Day!

Tim Hughes – Happy Day from Ro marin on Vimeo.

Happy Easter!

Running into your past

I’ve been going through my old cd/dvd backups and restoring photos and documents to my new desktop, since I have officially made it my main computer since about the first week in January. Since I have a huge hard drive in it (compared to all our other computers combined), I have the storage space. Anywho, I had found a couple of cd’s in my sock drawer a while back, and remembering what they were, I promptly destroyed them. Nothing illegal, but something I do not wish to keep around either. And I knew there was a backup somewhere with what was on those. And I found it and destroyed it too. By the way, 30 seconds in a microwave will render a cd/dvd completely ruined. :cheesy: Stinks though.

So anyway, back to the backups. I found 2 directories with names that ended with the s-word. I admit, I chuckled remembering where that naming convention originated, but changed the ending s-word to stuff instead of the one it was. Yes, that word still falls out of my mouth quite frequently, but it is no longer something I take pride in. But yet, once upon I did, and was all kinds of proud of myself when the security office saw similar-named directories in my home directory at work (in the UK, not where I am now). And no, I didn’t get in trouble, but only because it was found the week I was outprocessing before terminal leave, and it wasn’t worth the effort.

Something is, like, different

I finally upgraded WordPress, and upgrading my theme, which rendered it not to my liking. Hence, the different theme, which still needs work to add some stuff back in. I made the mistake of not snagging a copy of my blogroll before blogrolling dot com shutdown, so I redid the ole blogroll from my Google reader, and a few blog-friend’s blogrolls. I still have the sidebar to work on and a couple plugins to get back in the code or disable.

And, I may work up a video tomorrow. I was just saying over at MacBros’ that I hadn’t done a video since I got a new webcam and mic.

“Somewhere over the rainbow…”

This afternoon, not long after the daughter and I got back from our weekly sushi trip, I sat down in front of the computer and noticed I had a Weather Bug alert. Brought it up and saw on the radar that a line of storms was headed our way, and were at the western edge of the county. We got quite a bit of rain, but not really much wind or lightning. Now after the 3rd person from work txted me to ask if we were ok, I started to wonder what was up. But, in the meantime, I had decided to work on preparing my outfit for the cantata at church tomorrow and realized that the white shirt I bought didn’t button all the way up to the collar like I needed. So off to JC Penney the daughter and I went. Texting to me continued in Penney’s, and then we went into Hallmark for a bit. That’s where I heard the ladies working there talking about relatives going to be staying with them. But I didn’t ask what was up. Then the daughter reminds me as we are about to leave the parking lot that she still needed a gym bag and could we go back to Hibbet. That’s where I got the text that “Lowes and Tractor Supply are gone.” :shock: I was checking out at the time and I said “Holy crap! No wonder people keep texting me to ask if I’m alright.” Cashier said “You don’t know about the tornado? East Sanford is gone.” :shock:

Against my better judgement, I let the daughter talk me into driving across town to see it. Police had traffic blocked well around Lowes, but I went down the highway about a half mile north, and OMG!

4th person from work just texted me asking if I was ok. At least now I know why.

Storms pummel NC, at least five dead

I had heard (second hand) from someone from church that about 20 were killed. Thankfully (and hopefully), looks like not that many. All the power outages around, and our power didn’t so much as flicker. Wow.