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The joys of aging

I’ve kind of been picking on Mel today, and now I feel bad about it, so I am going to try to make up by sharing my bagel fail from a few weeks ago. The Facebookers already know about it, though I don’t think I went into great detail, not that I plan on it now either. LOL

So, I fixed a bagel for breakfast one morning. Someone had messed with the toaster, and the bagel didn’t get toasty like I wanted but I didn’t have time to wait on a second toasting. I got out the cream cheese, because I like cream cheese on, well, bunches of stuff, but particularly on bagels. I had no idea how long it had been in the fridge, so I checked the date, and it expired that day. I remember now it was Feb 28. HAHA. Anyway, as I knifed out the cream cheese, it seemed a bit thin. I made a mental note and pressed on with spreading it on my bagel slices.

I started eating it as I got about 2 houses down from my house on the way to work. That’s when I realized it didn’t taste right as if it had started to sour, and made a mental note to either get more or use butter next morning. But, soured or not, rotten or not, I was eating my bagel, and waited to see how long it would take to get sick.

Surprisingly (I thought at the time) I didn’t get the least bit sick, and proceeded to forget about the morning’s mental notes. After supper, I was having a craving for something sweet and went through the fridge trying to will some dessert to appear, when I noticed the box. The cream cheese box was the one I noticed first, and then it hit me. “Oh, I am stupid!” The cream cheese, which was Philadelphia Cream Cheese in the gray box, was sitting behind the white sour cream box.

In retrospect, knowing what I had really eaten, sour cream isn’t all that bad on a blueberry bagel.


“I’m like the cryptkeeper!”

Yes, I unashamedly stole that line from Freaky Friday, and yes, the Lindsey Lohan Freaky Friday.

So Mel and I got into a discussion on which one of us was blind over not seeing each others wrinkles and gray hair in our “now” photos. Part of the discussion was in the comments of my last post and some in the comments of her post. I decided I would take a picture of my gray for her to prove to her that I am going gray.

Actually Chad took the picture because he could find the biggest patch of it since it is more predominant toward the back of my head. As you can see there is quite a bit, and if you can’t see, click on the image to make it bigger.

Answering Friar’s Challenge

It’s an easy challenge. The Curtal Friar of Fountain Abbey asks us to post a photo of ourselves as a teenager. Somehow I know I will regret this one, which is why I made sure to pick a teenage photo in which I had the biggest hair. (It was the 80’s after all.)

This is me aged 17 at my junior prom:

The full photo (with 4 of my friends) is on my Facebook.

And me now, as in I took this one this evening:

I have hair, it’s just in a ponytail because I hit the snooze too many times this morning and didn’t have time to wash my hair. Not that I have had time to dry it the last couple of days due to snooze hitting.

The challenge is on!

Regarding Lent

I have always considered Lent a “Catholic thing,” and never really gave it a lot of thought. Granted, the year my best friend gave up chocolate for Lent, I gathered up a box full of German, Belgian, and English chocolates and mailed it to her. Yes, that was wrong of me, and sadly that is the most I ever thought about Lent. Until today.

My Facebooking has dwindeled some in the last few days because our dsl modem keeps going crazy and rebooting itself for several hours at a time over the last couple of weeks. The duration of downtime keeps getting longer, and guess who doesn’t want to call Windstream and go through the “Is it plugged in” questioning. Techies don’t make good tech support customers. But I digress. So anyway, this morning I noticed a link posted on FB by a friend from church regarding her giving up Facebook for Lent. First I’m thinking, “Since when do Baptists do Lent?” But after reading the article, I felt the desire to observe Lent myself.

I have learned more about Lent today than I ever have in my life. Now, it’s not like I haven’t fasted before. I went on a 30 day media fast, which showed me how much time I was wasting on FB games (particularly after I broke the fast and starting FB gaming again). I did a 24 hour (voluntary) food fast once. I promised Chad I would do a 30 hour one like the youth did. 40 days is going to take a lot more self-control than I think I have.

So what am I giving up, besides Facebook? Going out to eat for lunch. That’s about $30 a week to give to The Forsaken Children. New books. I know there will be several I will decide I want, but I can always hit the church library, and even the pastor’s library. Given that I have 4 unread books, and 1 actively reading (technically 3, but 2 are 1 chapter per day readings that’s only 1-3 pages), I think that might get me through Lent. Hmm, that doesn’t really sound like a sacrifice does it? I suppose I should up that ante and keep a list of books I want to get, and donate the price of them to the Forsaken Children also.

Answering Mel’s challenge

This one is called “A picture is worth 10 answers.”

I challenge you to answer all these questions by typing your answer into Google Images and picking the 1st through 10th images as your answer. SO, put each question into your blog post (on your own blogs, please) and post the image instead of the answer, and the image number should correspond with the question number.

Example, if question 3 is “What did you eat for lunch yesterday?” and you ate Pizza, type “pizza” into Google Images and get the 3rd image for your answer. (For question 4 get the 4th image, etc.) Don’t type the answer into your blog, if the image doesn’t make sense then that’s just too bad. If the image is porn or something you don’t want to have on your blog, then get the next image.

When you’re finished, trackback here OR put your link in the comments! Unless, of course, you responded to Mel’s original challenge.

1. What was your first job?

2. What is your job now?

3. What is your firstborn child’s name? (if you don’t have kids, pick a niece or nephew)

4. When you were a child what was your favorite cartoon?

5. What genre of music do you listen to the most?

6. Where were you born?

7. Who is the first president you can actually remember being in office? And I want to know why I can remember this guy first when Mel doesn’t…

8. Where would you most like to visit that you haven’t been?

9. Describe in one word your first boyfriend/girlfriend. I went back to 1st grade so I wouldn’t look hateful

10. What would you say to Barack Obama if you could only use 5 words or less?