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“Teenage wasteland…”

This was supposed to be for Facebook, but after looking at these, I thought a blog post would be best to display this boxful of fail:

Click on the image to see the full pic. First thing that stood out to me is I was a nerd. Second, I was a nerd who wanted to be a party girl and give the impression that I was easy (which I was not, btw). At least the Jesus button isn’t the smallest one. I look at that collection and see FAIL. Boundries crossed, nonexsistent, and just totally wrong focus which is again a reference to the one small Jesus button. No wonder I failed at not drinking, among other fails. I didn’t take those boundries seriously AT ALL.

Regarding Angels…

So I made the decision to offer up authorship privilege to a couple of Angels this week. As it turns out, one of them still has her old blog. However, seeing as how my blog isn’t really getting updated regularly, I thought I would open up DragonLady’s World to guest bloggers. Registration is now open, but I am going to be very particular about who I grant authorship to. By that I mean I have to personally know you and/or have blog known you for a while. I don’t expect I will restrict any topic, but I will ask to limit profanity and sexual content as my kids and pastor have been known to read my blog. Plus, I have a bad blog reputation to overcome. LOL