Why I won’t be able to move tomorrow

I saw a coffee table at Kmart a few weeks ago that I really liked, but not enough to pay that price knowing it was either pressed board, or plastic. So, I decided to make one like it.

The lumber:

The base frame:

The frame with slats:

Functionally finished:

It’s oak, so it is solid and heavy. Still have some final finishing work to do before turning it over to the hubby for sanding, sealing, and staining. I am already sore, so I can only imagine how bad I will be hurting tomorrow.

7 Responses to 'Why I won’t be able to move tomorrow'

  1. MrCorey says:

    I can see why you liked the style. I’ve always loved the look of oak. I think that I was the reason that my shop class had it in stock. lol. Will you be staining it dark or light?

    • DragonLady says:

      I actually prefer walnut, but Lowe’s didn’t have it on display, so I just assumed they don’t carry it at that store, if at all. I guess it will be darkish. I picked the red oak, since the wood is red oak, and I like the reddish color anyway. :)

  2. Mel says:

    Yeah but look what you made. I am so impressed and also jealous

    • DragonLady says:

      Now I need a proper woodshop. ;) I could literally pick the thing apart over all the mistakes I made, but I guess that goes along with making it yourself, eh?

  3. MacBros says:

    Wow! You’re pretty good with a Hammer and saw. You did use a hammer right? And a saw?


  4. You are quite the carpenter, that looks really good. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. I also love building furniture myself. Nothing like sawdust and varnish fumes!

  5. Danny Poole says:

    I never know WHAT I’m going to see when I get to your site! Nice work!