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I see your nerve…

and raise you one.

Last Monday, I got an email from one of the ladies at church asking the hubby and I if we would sing a duet for Singspiration the following Sunday evening. I let the hubby make that call since my knee-jerk reaction was to panic and say “No way.” But I made it through the music during vacation bible school and this didn’t involve any motion (aside from playing guitar), so I also didn’t try to coerce the hubby into saying no.

Now, why am I posting it? Well, I told a couple of folks who “demanded” to see video, and if I am going to go through the trouble of converting and uploading for them, I might as well get a blog post out of it. LOL

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Not one to back down

After all, Mel “double dog” dared us, and then called a few of us out individually.

Except for the grouchy face, I really don’t look much different when I first get up than I do after I have been up and around and “groomed,” sadly. :sigh:

A wash

I was gone last week on business, and I expected to have the perfect environment to do some blogging. Used to be, all I needed was a quiet hotel room alone and I could write up a storm. Last week, not so much. For one thing, I was unbelievably tired and that was the most comfortable mattress I’ve slept on since the hubby’s old waterbed. Second, I was doing a lot of reading. Only made it down to the fitness center once, but I did work out that one time! That said, the day we all walked over to and all over one of the other buildings, I definitely got a workout particularly on the stairs.

Right now I am reading a book my best friend gave me about 10 years ago when our marriages were falling apart. Well, actually, she was going through a nasty divorce and I can’t remember if I had asked the hubby to leave yet or not. (He didn’t leave and we managed to work through our issues and have a much better marriage now than ever.) Anyway, this was the point in our lives (my best friend and I) that we put aside our “religious” differences (she’s Catholic and I’m Baptist, so you can imagine we had some major differences, which was why we stopped discussing “religion” while still in high school), and focused instead on what we agreed on. She sent me a Max Lucado book (No Wonder They Call Him The Savior) because she had been reading his books and loved them. Only I never finished it. Shame too, because it is a very easy book to read.

Because I said…

…here’s a post.


So anyway, the hubby and kids have been gone to youth camp (hubby chaperoned) all week, and got back today. I have so not realized just how much they do around the house when until I was doing it all myself. Granted, I was only cooking and cleaning for one, but I still had to take care of the 6 dogs and 2 cats on top of it.

Oh, and yeah, Mittens is back. She came back extremely skinny while I was on vacation.

I quit!

I wonder just how many drafts I have. Two show up in the dashboard. Looking at the dates I can only imagine what the one draft was supposed to be about. But it remains to be seen if this post will get posted or go into the drafts bucket.

Anyway, so if anyone is still reading you are probably wondering what I am quitting. I quit my job several times a day, or at least I tell people “I quit” several times a day. I think everyone thinks I am bluffing. I guess the fact that I have yet to clean out my desk and leave when I say “I quit” gives them that idea. LOL But, no, this isn’t about quitting my job.

I have considered shutting down the blog, but I keep thinking I might actually find the time to sit down and write again. Plus, I know how the 2 or 3 readers I have left love posts like this. HAHAHAHAHA

Nope, what I quit was the Facebook games. Maybe one day I will write up a post on the complete reason why, but for now, suffice to say they are taking up too much of my time. I also went through my Google reader and culled a bunch of blogs and stuff I had subscribed too. Pretty much same reason as the FB games, except I kept a few old buddies in to read even though you can’t tell because I rarely go to the blogs and read the full posts (for those of you who publish partial feed), and certainly only comment once in a blue moon.

Anywho, so I said before vacation that I would pick it back up after vacation and I’ve been back well over a week, so it’s time. It’s a post, and even a post that says nothing keeps the old blog active. LOL