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Now that it’s over

So with grad school done, what have I been doing? Obviously not blogging. LOL Well, I’ve been playing Frontierville, and wishing I could remember who sent me that invite in Facebook. Oh, by the way, I have 2 Facebook accounts so of course I am playing that game on both. That sums up my unproductiveness.

I have done a LOT of housework to include things I wasn’t doing even when I wasn’t in school. There is a story behind that, but I will save it for a separate blog post. I’ve also taken to cooking somewhat. That’s part of the same story as the housework. I fixed the push mower after it hadn’t run in like 9 months. (Weed eater is still pending.)

I started scripture memorization. I’ll also give the why behind that in a separate post. I’ve finished 1 Corinthians 13, and am working on the sermon on the mount. 3 chapters, none of which are short. That’s going to take a while.

And, I’ve started working out. This time, I am not just working toward one specific goal. I am going for a short-term goal (get under 200lbs by Labor day), mid-term goal (get below “obese” range around end of year), and long-term goal of around 155 (around next June). Last week was the first week, and it was awful. I hurt my knee (the good one, no less) last Thursday, and that curtailed my cardio somewhat for a couple of days. Naturally Saturday I was full on cranky to the point of verbal diarrhea. Hubby told me that I had both cut how much I was taking in, plus increasing activity so of course I was going to be tired and cranky. Well, turns out it was something entirely different, but I will spare you men the details, though I am sure you will figure it out just from that. If not, I expect some entertaining comments.

Now, all that said, I probably won’t even try to blog again for another couple of weeks. Next week is vacation bible school, and since I am a station leader (music), I actually have quite a bit of practice to do. The week after next I will be on vacation at my mom’s, where I can only get dial up.

Oh, and due to multiple dog escapes (Darci and a neighbor’s dog), Mittens has apparently decided to move. We haven’t seen her in a couple of weeks. *sigh* Black kitty aka Shadow aka basement cat is still kind of showing up once or twice a week. He was here yesterday morning and I petted him on his nasty head and told him to tell Mittens to come home because we miss her. I figure she is hanging out where ever he hangs out.