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15 years ago today

I was in AF Tech School with orders to Tinker AFB near (as in a suburb town away) Oklahoma City. The hubby was in Biloxi visiting me the week that the Murrah Building was bombed, and was the one who told me about it as he met me for lunch after my classes were over that day. Later, after we were at Tinker, he joined the Army Reserves and one of his senior NCO’s was in the Murrah Building the morning of April 15, 1995 when the truck bomb was detonated. She was injured, but though her physical injuries lingered to an extent, I suspect the emotional toll was much greater. She did not talk about it. There was a young lady in the 32nd CCS (my orders were for the 32nd, but that was changed to the 31st before I arrived) had gone to the Murrah Building that morning also. She had just gotten married, and went to the building to get her name changed on her Social Security card. She did not survive, and many of the friends I later made that knew her continue to mourn such a senseless death.

For Mel

So she will stop tapping on her desk waiting for a post. LOL

I had a bad start to the week. It felt like depression, but that wasn’t it. I won’t go into it, but I spent quite a bit of time this week in quiet introspection, at least as far as anyone could tell. I started a journal this week over it. First I thought, “Well, that’s what your blog is for,” but no, not so much. At least not yet.

Most of the rest of my “free” time has been spent doing homework. My goodness, I am glad this is my last class. I was going to do a thesis, until I really read through the requirements and realized the thesis I was going to do was entirely to too narrowly focused. So, I went with my backup project, which is an eCommerce software solution for my future small business, should I ever go there. Storefront and inventory control. Should probably through throw in accounting too, but I think that would entail too much in the short time frame. The inventory control portion might get cut too. I guess I will make that determination this weekend as I work on my proposal.

I will make no promise of a video this weekend. I do have to practice tonight for church since I haven’t at all this week. A couple of the songs I don’t know at all and a couple more not very well. Then again, I just looked at the schedule again and I was looking at the wrong Sunday. Good thing I hadn’t practiced since I had the wrong songs anyway. LOL

Here it is

I look like I am in pain throughout the song. Probably from carrying that double chin. lol But I have promised MacBros that I would post another video for several weeks now, and I decided that I didn’t care how bad I looked (or sounded), I was going to post one. This was the best of the lot. The audio quality goes down significantly at the end. I guess I have everything too loud for my crappy little mic.

[flashvideo file= /]

Video coming soon

Because I have been promising MacBros video for weeks. Which doesn’t mean there will be any posted tonight because some editing will need to be done after I transfer the video to the laptop. But before the weekend is over, even if I have to drag out something old. LOL

He’s Alive

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Haircuts and Piercings

I’ve been complaining for a couple of weeks about my hair signaling time for the summer cut. MiniMe also has been asking for a haircut plus getting her ears pierced, so I planned an outing for us. I had only planned to get mine cut to my shoulders, and MiniMe kept saying she was going to go short. So when the lady measured out how much of my hair she was cutting off, she measured up to donation length and while it was a bit shorter than I planned, I saw it as an opportunity to do something good for someone. Before my cut got started good, MiniMe’s was done and she went strolling by and I thought “Did she get any cut off??” Anyway, when I was done and walked out, MiniMe was shocked. And I got shocked when I paid because I didn’t realize that the cut is free if you donate the hair.

Of course, when she whacked that first bit off, I realized that my hair was what I called “Air Force short.” That’s the length I tried to keep it when I was active duty because, well, it was easy to take care of.

MiniMe hates it. The boy hates it. The hubby said it looked nice though so who do you think I listened to. LOL Actually, I like the way she cut it though I never EVER would get it cut that short if I hadn’t donated the hair. And, yes, she cut 10 inches of hair off.

I almost got my ears pierced again, but then realized the pointlessness of that for me. MiniMe, however, now has pierced ears, and I didn’t realize just how small her earlobes were until the lady went to pierce them. Oh, and her haircut? Yeah, that was more like a trim, which is ok with me because I like her hair at the length it is now.

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