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History Lesson

I got one today from Reverend Wayne Perryman via Flopping Aces.

Housekeeping begins

Beginning with the blogrolls. Wow. I went through my blogroll today to remove non-existing and non-updated for a year or more blogs from the roll. There was quite a bit of fond remembrance mixed in with several who/what was that for, and a couple of why was that blog on my roll moments. LOL Now I have some adding to do. For instance, Mel has had 2 blogs since I last updated the blogroll. But I have a few blogs to add.

I also have some general site cleanup to do, and I plan on bringing over some of the old posts from the archived site and then shutting it down completely.

And I plan to start blogging over at The Daily Brief again.

This is a test

Had it been an actual post, there would possibly have been meaningful content here. Then again, perhaps not. LOL

About the video

The audio was bad, and I don’t mean my playing, though it is always questionable. LOL Maybe I will see about getting some footage from church next Sunday.

First order of business

I am bound and determined to start blogging again. We’ll see if that lasts through the day. LOL With that in mind, I upgraded my WordPress this morning since I hadn’t done that since, oh, last year when I redid the blog. I made backups of all the databases and I’ll be doing a bit of behind the scenes housekeeping.

And I promised Mac some video so maybe sometime later today I will have some edited & uploaded.