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Twitter Updates for 2010-02-20

  • just wrote check paying off the Neon. WooHoo! 1 down… #
  • so now that bills are paid, time to do the laundry and the homework. Accepting volunteers to do my homework. LOL #

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Twitter Updates for 2010-02-15

  • You know it’s been a while since you tweeted when you can’t remember your Twitter password. #
  • @aarondelay LOL, but it might turn out to be like starting up my blog again-one post/tweet, and then…nothing. :) in reply to aarondelay #

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Oh, yeah, I have a blog

A blog which I have negleted for some time now. But really, I have an excuse for not blogging. Not a good one, mind you, but it’s an excuse. I was having job issues. Mac has done a lot of complaining about his job. Well, my issues went far and above (in my opinion) his, and his job sucks. My anger and bitterness permeated my thoughts, and all I could think of to write was about what I started referring to as “the bad place.” So I didn’t write at all since I am not going to write about work issues. However, as of Jan 11, I have a new job. Same org, different company, different section. I no longer dread coming to work every day.

In other news, my doctor finally got on me about my eating habits which have a direct bearing on my weight. I put myself on a diet last week, and this week I am starting an exercise routine. My diet consists of portion control because I am an overeater. I quit smoking in 2000, and just traded one vice for another. I managed to lose about 4 pounds last week just by not eating so much. Yesterday I ate like a hog again, but there is a reason behind that, and that will level off in a day or 2.

Finally, I am in my last class before my capstone and am set to FINALLY graduate in June.

And just maybe I will start blogging again regularly. :whistle: